After Lisa Berkhuysen (Utrecht, 1994) finished her education as a graphic designer 2014, she started studying production design at the Netherlands Film Academy. During her education she took on the role of production designer at several movies, including two directed by Daphne Lucker: Sonate (2017) and Sisters (2018). Lisa graduated on the latter and was also responsible for designing and building the decor in the movie. Sisters also won the Topkapi fiction award and the Haghefilm digital award at the Keep An Eye movie festival. Lisa was also Art Director for the movie Drift (Ruben Nijsen, 2018), where she specialized at location scouting, planning and budget planning. Some of her other works include designing and building the decor stand for the virtual reality game called Sam & Dan, FLoaty Flatmates and an art department & set dresser internship at the Dutch movie Gek van Geluk (Johan Nijenhuis, 2017). After having finished her education at the Netherlands Film Academy, Lisa takes on new art department projects to hone her skills as a production designer. She also takes on jobs as a photographer and graphic designer for film.

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• Bourgeois Absolutie (Jorrit Bouwmans and Jasper Koopmans, 2019) Production design
Welcome to Earth (Daan Van't Einde, 2019) Set building and decorating (still in process)
Wedding photography. Number of weddings photographed: 5
Hardt (Ken van Mierlo, 2018) Art director and setdresser
Graduated The Netherlands Filmacademy: Production Design (2018)
Sisters (Daphne Lucker, 2018) Production designer
Drift (Ruben Nijsen, 2018) Art director
Sam & Dan, Floaty Flatmates VR game (Jurgen Hoogeboom & Jesper van den Ende, 2018) Set designer/builder stand
• (On)Bekend (Adinda Berends, 2018) Set dresser
Arpeg 1 from Alberta Balsam videoclip (Rick van de Dood, 2018) Set dresser
Gek van Geluk (Johan Nijenhuis, 2017) Internship art department assistent, setdresser assistent
• Sonate (Daphne Lucker, 2017) Production designer
• Photography for: Wedding,, Frankwatching, DJ Merco, Uncut Diamond casting
• Graduated as graphic designer (2014)